BioPosture™ builds transformational BioMemoryFoam Mattresses and Pillows available through the Healthcare community. The architecture of BioPosture mattresses was inspired by leading Chiropractors, such as our very own Dr. Dardano, to professional sports teams.  Each BioPosture™ Mattress is designed to provide the optimal combination of superior comfort and orthopedic support.

Each BioPosture™ mattress is built on order in a 500,000 SF state-of-the-art New England production facility, then compressed for environmentally-sensitive UPS shipment direct to each purchaser. Importantly, each BioPosture™ is finished in Celliant®, a patented and clinically-proven smart textile incorporating thermo reactive minerals into the fabric. Celliant® converts and recycles body heat as infrared energy which supports a temporary increase in local blood flow to improve oxygen delivery to body tissue. This supercharges your sleep to help you regenerate, restore and recovery faster! In numerous clinical studies, Celliant® has been shown to increase the length and quality of sleep. Celliant® is recommended for athletes, active young adults, as well as older adults. It is beneficial for sleepers of all ages.

Because BioPosture is available through licensed health care professionals, you can have it made without flame retardant chemicals.

Remember, SLEEP MATTERS! Doctors know sleep is a biological need that is vital in maintaining optimal health. There is a growing awareness among health conscious consumers of the importance of good quality sleep and the critical role it plays in regulating immune function, metabolism, and influencing memory, learning, and recovery. This is the basis of the design of BioPosture™ Mattresses.

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Note: Doctor referral may be required. Tell them Dr. Dardano sent you!