My Professional Journey

Educational Background and Experience:  I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2000 with my degree in International Economics.

After relocating to New York City I began working as a personal sports trainer at the New York Sports Club.  That is the moment where I realized that I wanted to work with clients and their health challenges. I then decided the next step was to go onto study at the University of Bridgeport where I obtained my Doctorate in Chiropractic (cum laude) and my Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition (magna cum laude). I was the President of my class as well as the Student Clinic representative. I was also a Student-Clinician in the junior clinic. I concurrently completed an Applied Kinesiology 100-hour certification course in Manhattan.

During my schooling, I participated as a volunteer on the medical team for the New York City Marathon for several years. After graduation I opened the Dardano Wellness Center in 2007 in Tampa and directed that facility for 2 years. The center provided treatments and therapies including chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, massage therapy and aesthetics. During that time I was also an adjunct professor at Hillsborough Community College in the Biological Sciences department.

In 2009 I relocated to Fort Lauderdale, FL and joined the team at the Point Pleasant Wellness Center & Day Spa where I partnered with renowned naturopathic physician Dr. Jessie Keener. During this time, I honed in on my  skills of energy medicine, homeopathy, chakra balancing, and emotional release techniques.

I moved to Manhattan and started my practice in 2011 in the prominent Flatiron District.  I became a part-time faculty member at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, as a professor of Anatomy and Physiology. After several years of study and practice, I became a Reiki Master-Level certified practitioner under the direction of Marilyn Vega.  I am an ordained minister in New York State as well.

As I continued my studies  under the expertise of Dr. Joseph Aldo, a homeopathic expert, I began to learn more about the technique of Bach Flower Essence Therapy and integrated this into my holistic practice. For years I was a guest lecturer at several nutrition conferences and have always embraced the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise with fellow physicians. I will always continue to expand my knowledge and expertise throughout my career, as the world evolves and new health challenges emerge.

My latest venture has been to open a retail store and healing center up in the Hudson Valley of New York, in the beautiful town of Beacon. Holistic Living with Dr. Dardano provides people an opportunity to experience an integrative approach to a holistic lifestyle with organic products that support the health of individuals, their children, pets and their home. I am so excited to share these products with a wide range of people around the U.S. as we continue to grow and expand on this concept with new companies and partnerships.