Evivo is a baby probiotic powder unlike any other. Newborn Gut Deficiency is a hidden problem impacting the vast majority of babies born in the U.S. today. New research published in Scientific Reports shows more than 90% of babies are missing B. infantis, the critical good bacteria needed for the development of a healthy gut.

Research on the gut microbiome has led to the identification of hundreds of types of bacteria, some of which are sold as probiotics for your baby. However, not all probiotics work the same and it’s important to choose the right one.

Evivo is the only baby probiotic proven to effectively restore B. infantis to the baby’s gut, setting a foundation for lifelong health. Only Evivo contains activated B. infantis EVC001, the specific strain of good bacteria clinically proven to help reverse Newborn Gut Deficiency, create a protective environment, and reduce bad bacteria in your baby’s gut by 80% replacing it with B. infantis EVC001.

We've partnered with this brand to offer our customers this amazing probiotic for your infants!
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