IonCleanse by AMD

The IonCleanse® by AMD is a unique detoxifying footbath system that allows the body to release toxicity and bypass the body’s normal channels of elimination.

Through the electrolysis of water, the system creates ions in the water. Ions are charged particles that neutralize toxins, which are held in a charged form in the body. Ions “do not play favorites,” thus, they will react with and neutralize other charged particles.

After several research studies, usage of the IonCleanse® by AMD resulted in lower glyphosate levels in study participants as compared to the control group. Therefore, this method of detox appears to be a successful therapy in the excretion of glyphosate in humans.

In a separate study, there was sufficient data to demonstrate that clients had statistically significant reductions of toxic elements in their blood, such as Aluminum (46% Reduction) and Cadmium (24% Reduction), compared to those not using the IonCleanse® by AMD.

The most beneficial detox benefit happens after the footbath. In another study, there was sufficient data to demonstrate that using the IonCleanse® system had statistically significant higher levels of excretion of toxic elements in the urine.