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Amazing dr with amazing recommendations. For the first time in many years I was able to enjoy a day boating without the punishment of extreme rashes and itching. Sounds nuts but he prescribed some amazing products ( I had been to dermatologist prior with zero luck) that cured the rashes and agony of itching on first use. His prices were very fair and he even followed up to see my experience was good. He also recommended some amazing lotion for my child with asmtha who has allergies to every other product which worked wonders

Christina L.

A beautifully curated store with handmade local products as well as organic skin & body care. The doctor I spoke with was very knowledgeable about the products and even pointed me in the direction of some supplements I needed. I also found some gorgeous crystals I'm saving as gifts for the upcoming holidays!

Kiersten P.

When I first came in and spoke to Dr. Mike, I was completely clueless about my dietary needs and food choices. I had significant digestive problems and pretty serious skin issues as well. After Dr. Mike taught me to modify my food choices and gave me some very specific tools to work with, I was able to turn my digestion around when I never thought I'd be able to. My skin issues, mostly scalp, were complex and he supported me every step of the way through a journey of healing and getting my self-confidence (as well as my health) back. What I really appreciate about Dr. Mike is how available he makes himself to his patients... To have his cell phone number and if I ever feel like I need to ask something or express concern, he is very receptive to my messages or calls any time really. I was so surprised by this kind of treatment. He really is a one of a kind Doc.

Chris R.