Lover Lip Oil

Exhalted Alchemy makes the list with this lover lip roller. All year round, but now especially, we all struggle with chapped lips. The clean ingredients in this roller leave you feeling moisturized for hours after applying!

Butterfly Oil

Butterfly Oil by Andrea Desimone Skincare is a favorite due to its simplicity. Wether you have a nine step skin care regimine or only spend ten minutes a day in front of a mirror this renowned oil will work wonders. Coming in four different "sesons" to offer the perfect consistency for your skin type!

Palo Santo Essential Oil

This Root and Resin Palo Santo essential oil is a must for a healthy home. Adding a couple drops of this into a diffuser not only aids in purifying the air of your spcae, it also smells amazing!

Prebiotic Acne Repair Kit

Aleavia's Prebitoic Acne Repair Kit is beneficail for all skin types adding it to the favorites list! The prebiotics in these products works to create a harmonious ecosystem on your skin for an even tone and beautiful complextion.

Lovely Lavendar Spray

It's no secret these days the power lavendar can have as a sleep and stress aid. This Full Moon Farms Spray is made with the freshest, cleanist product to make it safe for your space. Spray it in the air, on your pillows, even on your pets! You'll be left with only the peaceful calming smell of lavendar and zero of that soapy residue found in cheimcal filled sprays.

Lime Mint Ginger Elixir

Immune Schein Ginger Elixir’s Lime Mint is not only a house favorite but a fan favorite! This Elixir does it all, from helping soothe a sore throat, to calming a nauseous stomach, to being an overall immune booster. See for yourself all it can do by adding it to tea, a summer cocktail, or even taking it as a health shot!

EMF Protection

EMF Protection is something taken very serious at Holistic Living and Blushield is leading the way with this reveloutionary product has been the go to for these safety percautions. "Blushield’s coherent field overrides all ambient EMF fields, including wireless radiation. Blushield’s multiple waveform output is the most sophisticated EMF protection to date, and is engineered to achieve maximum effectiveness for all living creatures." If EMF Protection is something you find yourself still weary about or your just more curious to learn more, check out the Blusheild website or reach out with any questions!

Bio- Actice Silver Hydrosol Immune Support

We love our pets and cherish their health as much as own here at Holistic Living making this Soverign Silver Bio- Active Silver Hydrosol a must in our home. It's diverse nature allows for it to be used for bug bites, wounds, and hot spots. You can even add a few drops into your pets water bowl to help with a stomach ache!

DSF Formula

Life can be messy and filled with stress. And being overly stressed can affect everything from your mental to physical health. Nutri-Wests' DSF Formula hits the favorites list as a supplemental aid that helps to combat stress naturally. By taking this dietary supplement regularly you can help your mind and body relax.

KIDS Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

Sovereign Silver does it agian with the KIDS Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol. While being an overall immune booster, this product can work wonders as a topical to aid with all those sctratches and bumbs your little ones always seem to find themselvels with.